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The Catholic Congregation

When, in 1674, Fredericia was granted freedom of religion the Catholic congregation had a permanent Jesuit pater stationed in town. In 1986 King Christian the 5th issued certain privileges to Fredericia´s Catholics who were given permission to establish a school as well as a church. Furthermore it was decided that the two resident paters in Fredericia should facilitate the Catholics in the rest of Jutland, the island of Funen and Schleswig-Holstein primarily the many Catholic mercenaries of the armed forces.

The Catholic Sct. Knuds Church is very much influenced by the new rococo style.

The first many years the services of the congregation was held in private homes and later in a small chapel. It was not until 1767 that the Catholic Church was built after a testamentary gift was given. However the church was subject to a number of restrictions. It had to have the appearance of an ordinary civic house and must not have the appearance of a church outside.

A church tower as well as ringing a church bell was also prohibited. In 1865, however, the Catholic congregation – as the first church in town – built a church tower. This was enabled by the Constitution of 1849 by which the freedom of religion of the Kingdom meant that the congregation was allowed to have the church have the looks of a church. Furthermore the Catholic congregation built a school (which is still active as a thriving private school) next to the church .