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Memorials and Monuments

On a trip through the streets of Fredericia you will often encounter memorials, monuments and commemorative plaques which give evidence of the town´s unique and at times rather violent history.

Especially the central position of the town in Danish War History is marked by numerous monuments related to events and their central persons but also a number of personalities from the history of the town have had their memorials within the rampards.

(Below you find the individual page related to each memorial. You will not find special apps to them here – they are relatively short on our home page).

Bülows Monument

Danish War Grave from 1864

The Dragoon Grave - The Older Monument

The Dragoon Grave - The Younger Monument

The Monument of Frederic the 3rd

The Railroad Sabotage

The Soldiers Tomb

Spanish officers' grave

The Valiant Private Soldier

Memorial obelisk for the Reformed Congregation

Memory Plaque at the Upper Secondary School (Grammar School)

Peace Keeper Rose

Rye's Knoll

Olaf Rye's Monument